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Clinically relevant education & products by Judy C. Colditz, OT/L, CHT, FAOTA


Introduction to Orthotic Construction (Splinting) Retreat

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Are you a practicing therapist but have little experience in making hand orthoses? Does orthotic construction feel intimidating? This course provides the basic skills for you to become a proficient orthosis maker while increasing your confidence to solve orthotic problems. A variety of finger, thumb and wrist orthoses are made, with exact orthoses determined by participants.

Hand Orthotic Construction Retreats are a unique experience: Two days of lab time making orthoses in a small group with all the tools, materials, and expert help you need! While you learn new skills to construct specific orthosis designs, you also gain numerous tips and tricks to improve your efficiency and understanding of orthosis mechanics. Attendee input drives the course pace and content. These low-key retreats are a perfect way to work on your orthotic construction skills in a non-stressful environment. 

Experience Level - Beginning/Intermediate

Course Objectives

At the completion of this two-day course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Recognize the different working properties of at least three thermoplastic materials.
  2. Discuss orthotic tools, equipment, and supply selection.
  3. Develop skills in cutting, molding and bonding low temperature thermoplastic orthotic materials.
  4. Develop skills to create precise orthosis patterns.
  5. Learn orthosis strapping, padding, and adjustment skills.
  6. Master a core of immobilization orthosis designs.
  7. Acquire a basic understanding of dynamic orthotic skills.
  8. Discuss construction techniques to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  9. Identify solutions for orthotic problems listed in pre-course interview.
  10. Learn new/alternate orthosis designs for some of the following orthoses:
    • DIP extension immobilization for mallet
    • PIP extension immobilization orthosis
    • PIP extension immobilization orthosis for boutonniere
    • PIP extension mobilization –spring wire design
    • PIP end range extension mobilization-static progressive design
    • PIP flexion mobilization orthosis
    • Intrinsic stretching orthosis
    • MP flexion mobilization orthoses
    • Static progressive wrist extension orthosis
    • Hand fracture brace
    • Simple supination/pronation exercise orthosis

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